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Catalina Giraldo

I am a media designer and biologist working with new media art technologies to engage audiences in environmental justice and science communication. My work spans photography and film of nature and human cultures, 3D animation, video installation, projection mapping, and live plant installations using native species. I am particularly interested in visualizing past, present, and future ecosystems. By showcasing ecosystems from different eras, I believe we can envision future realities where humans live in greater harmony with Planet Earth. This awareness of our negative impacts and our responsibility to restore balance is central to my work.

As a biologist, I have collaborated with various interdisciplinary research teams in wildlife conservation, ecosystem restoration, botany, palynology (pollen taxonomy), and paleoecology (reconstructing past ecosystems based on fossil pollen). These experiences have deepened my understanding of landscapes, ecosystems, plants, and historical climate change, particularly in the Amazon and Andean regions of Colombia. This has shaped my philosophy of using art to promote environmental awareness and to plant seeds of consciousness, encouraging us to treat our planet with love and respect.

Curriculum Vitae

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